Friday, 21 August 2009

Fantasy Stock Market

Lets face it everyone’s sick of working for a living to the idea of making a killing on the stock market appeals to most of us. So how do you buy stocks. And how do you buy stocks online making enough cash that you can quit your job and live off your stock market picks? Is your imagined type of work to take it easy, sit back and watch the profits role in while your business grows with little involvement from you? Making money from the stock market can make these dreams come true. Beginners can make money in the stock market. Trading stocks is not just for a chosen few.

With the current economic climate there’s never been a better time to start buying stocks and shares. There are a lot of bargains out there. There is of course the question of how to invest in the stock market. The great thing about buying stocks online is that you can now practice without using any of your own money. There are what’s known as fantasy stock markets now online where you can sign up for a free account and use your knowledge you have learned from my previous posts to buy stocks. This will cost you absolutely nothing but it is a good way to learn techniques at work. You can also take risks with which stocks to buy safe in the knowledge that you won’t lose any of your own money. If you want to try the Warren Buffett style of investing then go ahead in the fantasy stock market. Try for yourself to see if these techniques work.

If you look around the Internet you’ll find stock market investment advice all over the place. Do you really want to take a risk with bad stock market investment advice and lose your own money not to mention the time you’ll waste. Fantasy stock market trading is excellent to get a feel for the market and find ways you can make money and make the stock market work for you. It is so important to understand what the market is- the stock market-and how this market operates. If you don’t understand the market there is absolutely no point in throwing your money away. Trading stocks in a fantasy stock market will act as a good guide. It will let you know what you do know and what you still have to learn. Your results should answer this question. The simplest definition calls the stock market as the public market where stocks and derivatives are traded at the set price. There are those securities that are listed on the stock exchange that are traded in private. All kinds of people trade in the stock market including individuals (no doubt like you) and private companies who trade in bulk and perhaps work for investment firms building hedge funds. These investors then indicate whether they wish to buy or sell the stocks they have or the stocks they are interested in buying.

There’s also different places that stocks and bought and sold. You may have seen the mayhem of a stock market trading floor on TV. Lots of paper flying around and people shouting. Trades are bought and sold verbally on the trading floor. What’s becoming more popular nowadays is the virtual trading environment where stocks are bought and sold online. Exchanges can be considered as physical locations and there is also the virtual exchange. The world's largest physical trading market is the New York Stock Exchange where listed securities can be traded. The typical orders will start from traders going to the floor broker up to the floor trading post specialist that trades the order. This specialist matches any buy and sells orders, and when trades are made this is reported on the tape and sent to the brokerage firm who is interested in buying the stocks. NASDAQ is a good example of a virtual exchange in the US where all the trading is done online. The process is similar; the only difference is that traders are matched electronically.

The stock market is simply a place for traders to trade. Hence the market! It’s often used as a barometer for the way an economy is performing. Queue pictures of traders with their heads in their hands on a bad day. It is much a part of culture as anything else today. There have been numerous movies made of it notably the Oscar winning Wall Street starring Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas as the infamous Gordon Gekko which is well worth a watch.