Wednesday, 8 July 2009

My Investing Mission

Ok so lots of people have asked me why I'm creating how to buy stocks for beginners and there's several answers to that. Firstly I remember how daunting it was starting out with stocks and shares, what is the bull or bear market, how do you actually buy shares online? I thought I'd start this blog and offer up some of my own findings and save you the valuable reader some time! I can remember way back when I first started researching the stock market and all those books I read, the informative sites and the not so informative. If I can save you 5 minutes of research and wasting your time on some sort of get rich quick scheme then I've achieved something. Not that I'm saying I can give you all the answers I just mean to give you a little jump start.

Investing online is certainly here to stay and I've used a few online brokers which of course I will recommend. There's so many useful online tools to be used to. I absolutely love Yahoo Finance. The stats on offer are absolutely mind boggling and they can be searched and filtered anyway you require. There's also some fantastic online communities you can get involved with such as the guys at Motley Fool. There's so many experienced campaigners on there which is just a wealth of experience for you to use. Anyway enough about other sites back to my blog!

I love talking about Value investing and guys like Warren Buffett and Ben Graham and the contributions they have made to the industry. It can be quite hard to understand their concepts at first as it seems to go against the grain of what every other advisor will tell you. They love it when stocks are on free fall as it means bargains galore. You don't need to look for the stock tips, if you research a company and then hold your stocks you will hopefully end up making some money in the long term. So anyway I can spread the word about these guys the better. I know its not exactly a secret but people tend to get too caught up in the stock ticker and forget they're actually making an investment in a real company. It's not just about the numbers! Warren Buffett has modified Ben Grahams initial theory and puts a lot of value in the management of a company. If he believes in the person at the top then it adds to the value of the company.

The market is a tricky subject to keep contained, its so easy to go crazy with the information out there. Anyway if I can help any of you out there I'll be delighted.

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